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Consumer Guide The truth behind the high-pressure sales tactics.


Ever heard a window company say they require that both the husband and wife be present for their quote? Maybe they said they needed all the decision makers for the house. Have you wondered why? The answer is plain and simple, but it might not seem so obvious if you don’t have much experience with the double glazing industry. To make it short, they want you both to be there so they can try to talk you into buying on the spot without taking any time to think it over. These companies have been in business for years, they know if they meet with the husband alone he’s likely to say “I’ll talk it over with my wife”.  And the wife will likely say the same thing about the husband, or one partner about the other.  Once that happens there isn’t much the company can do to close the deal. They’ll likely still try, but they know their odds are significantly reduced. This will be a pressure sale! and linked to “today only” Window prices


If you get a quote from some of the larger window companies around you may have been told today/tonight only prices.  They probably started with a very high price. You probably didn’t expect it to be anywhere near that much so you tell the salesperson, then they tell you about a special promotion that was ending shortly or even that day. That sounds better, but you tell them you are going to think it, the last trick in the book is to ring the manager. The manager gives them a special price not to be repeated, only if you sign there and then. Why do they push so hard to get you to sign up NOW? Because they know more about this business than you do.  They know how their offer compares to their competitors.  They know full well that you will get a better offer from your local company and they’ll lose your business. That’s why they push so hard.  It’s the only way they can make that extra profit. If you get that type of hard sell as you’re looking for the best replacement windows and doors for your home just remember that there is no need to rush.  No matter what they say, if you think it over and decide that you do want them they will gladly take your business. Don’t be fooled!


You will see and hear ads like this advertised all over the country.  Sometimes it’s a buy 1 get 1, sometimes it’s buy 2 get 1 or even buy 5 get 1.  Maybe some discount levels seem more plausible than others. If the company charges prices that are high enough to allow them to run a buy 1 get 1 free sale then they were charging people way too much before that sale started.   Here’s how this really works.  Many window companies will inflated the starting prices. So you pay £1200 per window, you buy 2 you get one free, this means £2400 for all 3 windows. On this basis it works out at £800 per window, all of the sudden your fantastic savings has turned into a pretty bad deal. But they’re not done at that because generally the smaller window is free so the deal can be even worse.   Millions of pounds worth of business is done this way, don’t fall for it.  Someone is falling for this every single day.   Don’t let it be you! ‘


If you’ve been shopping for replacement windows you may have been offered one of these as part of your deal, “Trade in your old windows and SAVE!” I guess it works because the idea of trading something in sounds a little nicer than throwing it out.  So what happens to your old windows after you’ve traded them in?  They go to the dump or sent for recycling where the window company generally don’t get paid for them. It is completely impossible to reuse them for anything other than scrap as normally they are cut into pieces when they are removed, so you can be sure they’ll never be used as windows again. Why do companies offer a window trade-in program?  Generally it’s because the window business is pretty competitive and they’re looking for a way to attract your attention and offer large discounts on overinflated prices. Don’t fall for it!


This is the tactic that plays with another aspect of human nature against you.  They know people naturally we all want to appear interested and positive in front of people they don’t know and not be negative. So this starts with a few subtle questions, have you heard of our company, seen our vans, Yes. Do you like the product, the looks, the design and the shape, Yes. We are now already rolling down the positive road to a sale. What about the security, the locks and so on…… at this stage we are answering yes to everything we are asked. Until the telephone number which in fact is the price. Now comes the human nature bit, do I back up the road of negativity, which is a very hard manover or just except the price through gritted teeth(a lot do). If you challenge the price the tactic goes to stage two. So you like the company, product, security, service……If I could I reduce the price would you buy today, Yes you answer still being positive. Now you are backed into a corner that only results in a purchase or a very embarrassing U-turn that goes against your nature.


If it ‘sounds too good to be true’ it is too good to be true. Quality comes at a price don’t be fooled into paying too much or too little. “The bitterness of a poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” Benjamin Franklin If you only take one bit of advice from this page


See our top Ten Tips to help you choose the right Company. We all have bought on the spur of the moment and then regretted the purchase once you have got the item home. Don’t let one of the biggest purchases after your home be one of them.

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